TAS offers you various products,
to optimally expand your marketing.

TAS frame system


TAS System & Technology

Thanks to the TAS profiles, you can let your trucks on the road without any worries.
The entire system is designed in such a way that opening cannot happen accidentally.
The profiles are glued to the box body of the truck and connected to the clamping
profiles. So your advertising and traffic is safe!

In addition, the air cushions between the truck body and the advertising space
optimize energy efficiency.

Foiling and defoliating with TAS

We take care of everything for you

Make optimal use of the space in your entire truck! TAS can help you with this and put any advertisement in the desired place.
You don’t like the foiling anymore or you want to add other advertising? No problem!
TAS is at your side and wraps and dewraps your truck at the location of your choice.

Get in touch today. Our team will help you in the best possible way!


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